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Dual Enrollment




Go to:              

Click on:                    I am a… (pull down arrow at top left); select Current Student

Go to:                        Request a transcript

Click on:                    login to Clearinghouse secure site (in blue)

 Read & Click on:    Green Start button and complete required information



Go to:              

Click on:                    QUICK LINKS (orange box with arrow at top of page)

Click on:                    Transcript Request (in green box at far right)

Click on:                    Paper Request   or   Electronic Transcript Request


Pennsylvania Highlands is pleased to offer a free transcript service to our past and current students. Please click on the following link to access the Transcript Request Form. This form must be printed and signed by the student. The form can then be faxed, mailed, or emailed to the information listed on the form. Transcripts are then mailed within two business days.


Transcripts may be requested electronically through Parchment, a secure third party transcript delivery service. Click here to request that your transcript be sent electronically to the organization or school of your choice. A $3.00 charge is assessed for each transcript. First time users must register and create a profile in order to request transcripts.

IUP 2023-24 Dual Enrollment
Spring Registration opens 10/9/23

Important spring dates:

  • The spring schedule is available for viewing beginning Oct. 1st.
  • The online application opens on Oct. 1st.
  • You may start submitting paperwork to me on Oct. 2nd.
  • Registration begins on Oct. 9th and will continue through January 24, 2024.

The spring semester dates are from January 22, 2024-May 10, 2024. The current tuition and fees information can be found here. We have a limited number of $200 scholarships available for the spring semester. Eligible students will be automatically reviewed for the scholarship opportunity. Scholarships are limited to one $200 scholarship per eligible student and the scholarship is applied to one class.


We eliminated the mid-term grade release as a separate form and added the information to the registration form. You will only need to submit the signed registration form with all the required signatures and the signed official transcript request form to me. If it’s a first-time dual enrollment student, then we also need a copy of their high school transcript showing a 3.0 CGPA or better.


  • First-time dual enrollment students will be sent an email to select their orientation date. It is the email address they use to create their admissions account and to submit the application. Participation in an online orientation is a requirement for all new students to participate in the program.
  • Placement testing is required for English, math, and upper-level foreign language classes. No student will be registered for an English, math, or upper-level foreign language course without placement test results.  Please understand that if during the first semester, a new dual enrollment student requests an English, math, or upper-level foreign language course there is no guarantee that they will get registered for the course requested because we must wait for placement test results to determine the appropriate class. All placement testing is completed online.
Step-by-step directions for submitting the application and forms can be found online at